Sunday, 24 March 2013

Tour Pictorial by Jim Eyre / Plainview Remix

Its all over........for now, and we had a blast.

Thanks to everyone who put us on, put us up, listened to our nonsense, bought our stuff or just plain showed up.

And of course an amazing canvas of bands - Crushing Blows, Skull TV, Joys of Madness, Avida Dollars, Rad Stewart, Weird Menace, Feature, Slowcoaches, Charles Howl, H.Grimace, BK&Dad, Giant Burger, Sic Defence, Shudder Pulps and Infinite Men.

See you next time....

We also got remixed by Plainview, check out 'Just Like Old Times' below.

* Absolute True Love EP is now available on ITunes / Spotify / Amazon / Art is Hard - Go get it *

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