Monday, 21 March 2011

Our EP is out today!

Our debut EP is available now from Art Is Hard Records. CLICK HERE TO BUY

1. Green Milk
2. Ride The Waves
3. Feathers
4. 1,000,000 Times Before
5. Elite/Corrigans

Critical Acclaim:

"It’s blistering stuff indeed and as far as introductions go, it’s one of the most raw, not to mention thrilling, that we’ve heard in a long time (...) There's something going on here that instantly grabs the attention.  It sounds completely fresh; always intriguing, often joyous, occasionally heavy-hearted - but never anything less than exceptional." - GoldFlakePaint

"'Feathers' starts like a Japandroids noise-homage, but immediately settles down into a mid-tempo crunch. Amidst the static, though, is a gorgeous chorus, accentuated by an “Only Shallow”-esque drum fill – a lovely nuance typically expected from veteran acts, not rookies." - Listen Before You Buy

"There’s a confident edge to these recordings, a hint of a new band who might just have something a little more about them in terms of both drive and imagination (...) there is something extra, a little touch of something that’s intriguing, a little touch of extra quality" - The Organ Magazine

"Songs like Green Milk owe much of their appeal to the carefully free-wheeling nature of the noise itself; which is both a rarity and also a delicate balancing act between ear-shredding stupidity and joyful abandon. Sure, the song is a good one, but it draws gut feeling from its listeners via sonic obtusity as much as it draws pleasure from melody. This makes the song something to behold and enjoy on slightly different merits, all whilst remaining within your comfort zone. Clever." - A New Band A Day

"The EP is a marvellously eclectic affair, kicking off with the heated “Green Milk”, anchored with J. Mascis hooks that calm during the reassuring harmonies of lead track “Ride The Waves”. “Feathers” fidgets its way into the bliss of “1,000,000 Times Before” and then, almost as if you can hear the evolution of four people within these 15 minutes, “Elite/Corrigans” cliff hangs an aura of ambience to the piece." - Fresh Kills blog

......and dont forget to attend the EP Release Party - Friday 1st April @ The Victoria, Queensbridge RD. Dalston.  Plus special guests; Black Tambourines, Soft Arrows and Jon Hillcock DJ (NME/6 Music/XFM) and Scene not Herd DJ's.   Its gonna be a blast, will be nice to see you all there.

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